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One time, in like the first grade?, I stole a Mc Donald's ball out of the ballpit. When my mom and I left I pulled it out to show her, proudly. She demanded that I go return it... So I threw it and it bounced away.

I think it was orange.

The end.
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But in all seriousness? By the smell and the way the leaves change colors. :) Oh, and the colder climate is also a big indicator.
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Second, I don't think I could choose. =D Ice, Bad Blood, Hollywood AD, Irresistable, Orison, Dreamland, Release, The Gift, Beyond The Sea, Theef, Paper Hearts, How The Ghosts Stole Christmas, Folie À Deux, Christmas Carol/Emily/All Souls, How about the two movies?, Terms Of Endearment, Field Trip, Hungry, X-Cops, Arcadia, Triangle, Sein Und Zeit/Closure, This is Not Happening, Existance, Scary Monsters, and I have to love The Pilot and The Truth. Gotta. :D Really I love them all. The only one I really dislike is '3' or whatever BS that was. XD But yeah. If you let me I would list sooo many more.

Third, I covered that in my last 'LJ Writer's Block' post. ;D

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Five years ago, an event occoured that changed America, and the world as we know it. People lost friends, lovers, children, and other relatives. Everyone here probably remembers exactly where they were when they heard about the attack, and their thoughts...When we all look back on these people and how they died, I would like you all to remember this:

It is not how these people died that made them heros, it was how they lived.

I saw that quote on America's Most Wanted for officers that have died on the line of duty, and I think the same applies for everyone who died in the 9/11 attack. Whether they were a fire fighter, or a police officer, or a person who brought down the plane in Pennsylvania,---Or even just someone who passed away in the attack. Each person was a hero to someone. I know if someone I loved had been in that attack, I could call them a hero, because somwhere along the line they taught me something to make me love them that much. You don't have to be extraodinary to be one.

So please, when you read this, have a moment of silence for all the heros that died. Also, please go on with your daily lives every time this anniversary comes up. I was sitting in class today wondering why everyone didn't have today off. I figured it out pretty quickly. It's because if we stop living and doing the daily things that we do, those terrorists win. That, and I don't think all of those who have left us would want us to stop living, just because they did. I'm sure they're much happier knowing that we're striving on.

Lets live for them.

Thank you.

[EDIT] And you know, lets honor those who did live. Those who helped in those attacks or escaped and lived to tell the tale. Lets remember them as well, okay?! Because I can only imagine what it's like for them every time this day hits.
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Alright! So I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow! (To NYC!) I just wanted to say goodbye! Hopefully there will be internet there and stuff so I can update and tell you guys about my trip! :D


I am issuing a friends cut.

If you want to stay please comment here by July 8th. That's when I'm returning home. :D

However, I do understand a few of you are on trips and stuff so if you do not comment I'll prolly keep you.
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I made my journal friends only. If you want to be a friend just comment. n-n


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